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Who we are

Asian Foundation for Philanthropy (AFP) was established as a registered charity in 2005 to provide a channel for the South Asian Diaspora Group (SADG), predominantly Indians, to better engage with development initiatives in India. Many seek to engage in charitable acts either though donating money or time to marginalised communities in India, however the benefits of their contributions have not been sustained over the long run.

Indians number 1.6 million (UK National Census) in the UK, and this is one of the largest population of Indians outside of India. Therefore by engaging this community through increasing awareness of philanthropy, and how people can actively participate, we strive to channel the support generated towards those who need it the most in India.

We enable this process through our three programmes of international volunteering in India, development awareness and our donor programme which are underpinned by the shared goal of increasing awareness and encouraging participation. We align all our work to the Millenium Development Goals, which seek to ‘halve world poverty and hunger’ by 2015.

To date, we have sent 60 volunteers ranging from educationalists, film makers to communications and fundraising specialists amongst others. We have also held over 30 workshops, seminars, exhibitions and conferences, as well as business networking events to raise awareness of poverty issues in India within the UK. Our wide and varied range of activities attracts individuals, businesses and corporates, students and professionals who want to reconnect to India.

AFP works in the four states of Delhi, Gujarat and Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, chosen because they reflect the origins of the majority of the SADG. We ensure that the majority of our funds are used to empower communities in India with maximum impact.