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Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh
  • Uttar Pradesh is the second largest state economy in India after Maharashtra, contributing 8.17% to India’s total GDP.
  • Between 1999 and 2008, the economy grew only 4.4% per year, one of the lowest rates in India. The major economic activity in the state is agriculture.
  • Uttar Pradesh has retained its preeminent position in the country as a food-surplus state due to its predominantly agricultural activities.

Having agriculture as its major economic activity, Uttar Pradesh welcomes the arrival of new industries. They are often seen as a way out of poverty as industry contributes to economic growth, and creates employment. However, high levels of industrialisation tend to bring high levels of pollution with it.

Coupled with low levels of education and being one of the poorest states of India, Uttar Pradesh needs all the support to accommodate the changing situation. AFP has therefore been working on increasing knowledge and education opportunities for the youth, as well as providing a creative channel for discussion around environment issues.

AFP and Environmental Degradation

Theme areas: Education, Participation and Governance
AFP works with Amarpurkashi, an organisation that supports education. It runs a primary school which aims to break the structural barriers to education. Children are given extra support to help them achieve a the national standard of education. AFP has sent volunteers to teach students and train teachers, who have worked closely with the community and parents to raise awareness on the benefits of education.

Recently, a straw factory opened up its operations in Amarpurkashi, which has created a large number of jobs, but has also destroyed the surrounding area including the local river. This in turn has created a large amount of pollution and health problems for its people. AFP sent a volunteer to film the pollution and to assess the level of damage and destruction wrought by the company. Read Blossom’s story here . Our Jagruti event also campaigned the local Indian government on better systems for factories.