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  • Delhi, the financial and political capital of India, is also one of the richest Indian states in terms of per capita incomes.
  • However the recent progress conceals the stark contrast between the wealthy and the poor, with the poverty levels increasing considerably.
  • Inequalities are most pronounced for those who are disabled, and those from the Dalit community. (Source: Delhi Human Development Report 2006)

Our projects in Delhi focus on the inclusion of communities sidelined by disability, caste and economic status. We concentrate on the three cross-cutting areas of education, livelihoods, participation and governance to increase the opportunities for these populations. With our four partner organizations we make sure our activities positive impacts are felt across India, not just Delhi.

AFP and Disability

Focus areas: Education, Livelihoods
Disability is a huge concern in India, with over 60 million people having a disability (equivalent to the whole population of the UK). Lack of awareness and education has more often than not pushed them into the sidelines. Disabled people are some of the poorest people in the country.

AFP supports Amarjyoti, our partner organisation. They have developed a model of integrated education, where children both able and with disabilities study, work and play alongside one another.

AFP volunteers with educational expertise, have supported Amarjyoti by sending teachers who have developed the children’s learning abilities, and set up the first library. Another volunteer has supported disabled young people to enhance their creative skills by developing greeting cards using recycled material to generate income.

AFP has also supported SCORE, which works with visual impairment. Using the power of information visually impaired people are inspired and empowered to pursue their passions and make a contribution. SCORE plays a critical role in campaigning for persons with vision impairments to be included into the main stream scheme of things. An AFP volunteer worked with SCORE on fundraising and was successful in securing two grants for the organisation.

AFP and Opportunity

Focus areas: Education, Livelihoods
AFP partners with Udayan Care, which takes in street children and children of the poorest communities (including children of commercial sex workers etc) and provides them with an education. One AFP volunteer worked with these children to increase their skills and opportunities. Another volunteer became a mentor and worked with girls on concepts such as positive affirmations and the self, empowering the girls to believe in themselves. Very often the toughest challenge these children face is handling the stigma associated with their past.

AFP and caste discrimination

Focus area: Education, Livelihoods, Participation and Governance
The Dalit community in India is the most marginalised. This is due to a historical system which placed Dalits at the bottom of the social hierarchy. AFP’s partner organisation the Dalit Foundation has been empowering communities across India to reclaim their dignity and make them aware of their rights. Our first AFP volunteer took photographs that captured their plight and brought it to international attention. Another volunteer made a film that will now be disseminated widely across India including to local Dalit Centres.