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Jagruti Programme (Development awareness)

Our work in the UK is focused around development awareness. AFP’s Jagruti Programme enlightens people on being more aware about global social and economic issues. The Asian diaspora community has mostly been silent in the development debate, and our Jagruti Programme aims to change this.

Our awareness is raised through interactive events, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, talks and business networking events. We use culturally appropriate mediums to convey our information which has proved very successful.

We base all our awareness raising work through our 3 ‘E’ approach:

Engage: We organise interactive workshops and events for all audiences

Educate: We make development material and information more accessible to all by avoiding development ‘jargon’.

Empower: We encourage our audiences to become aware of the global issues that shape their lives, and then provide them with appropriate channels to make social change happen.

We regularly host a wide variety of events enabling us to inform and engage with a diverse group of people. During these events, we take an in-depth look at development issues aligned to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) themed around one of our focus areas of education, livelihoods and participation and governance.

To date, our events have attracted an average of 40 people, with our overall reach extending far beyond 10,000 people To find out more about our News/Events follow this link.

Jagruti has three DFID funded projects working with specific audiences. The projects are ‘Sudarshan’, ‘Naitika’ and ‘Gyaan Yatra’.

Sudarshan (2008)

Sudarshan translates as ‘leading by example’. The aim of the project is to work with Asian small to medium sized businesses on being responsible. Since its successful launch in Leicester in 2008, Sudarshan has been working with enterprises to develop ‘responsible business guidelines’ tailored for each organization. Do you want to become a responsible business? Find out more details on Sudarshan here.

Naitika (2009)
Naitika signifying ‘ethical’, will work with Asian youth groups on the topic of fast fashion. In the last few years, millions of clothes have landed up in landfill, which has exacerbated the environmental concerns. Naitika will work with youth groups to increase their awareness and to become champions for their own communities.
Interested in fast fashion? Find out more details on Naitika here.

Gyaan Yatra (2010)
Gyaan Yatra is a ”knowledge journey”. Individuals who are passionate about development in India will become Development Ambassadors – a group committed to creating social change. We work with Development Ambassadors who are keen to learn more about key issues affecting India today and support them to mobilise others in the global development debate. Through our new portal, we will build an online community which allows you to take part in the discussions about India today anytime, anywhere. Find out more details on Gyaan Yatra here.