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What we do

  • Sanskrit Translation: to serve others unconditionally
    Paropkaar was a tangible way for Asians from all walks of life to connect to India. Volunteers got the opportunity to work with our projects in areas of education, livelihoods, participation and governance. Since 2005, 111 volunteer placements have been completed. Volunteers have included business advisors, designers, educationalists and film makers.

  • Sanskrit translation: to create awareness
    The Jagruti Programme aims to raise awareness about development issues being faced globally and relating these to South Asia, mainly India. This is achieved through AFP’s unique 3E approach – Educate, Empower and Engage, which involves interactive events and talks.
    Read about our exciting new projects Sudarshan ,Naitika and Gyaan Yatra.

  • Sanskrit Translation: to give unconditionally
    The Daan Programme provides an efficient channel for donating and gives people an informed choice with a greater understanding to decide where their contribution would be best served. This is done by giving directly to AFP, with the sound knowledge that it will be transparent and accountable, and reach the intended recipient.