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Volunteer Stories

Our volunteers are our ambassadors. Hence it is important that all the work they undertake reflects our values. We believe that all our work has to have an impact, for our volunteers, for the partner organisation and overall to support AFP in achieving its vision.

Blossom Carrasco
Filming an environmental disaster and domestic violence abuse made Blossom’s journey very enlightening. Read about her experience, what she learnt and her advise to future volunteers.

Mythili Thevendrampillai
Working as an art instructor and mentor for children with special needs was challenging for Mythili, but she managed to inspire the people she was working with and has come away from her time more appreciative of life.

Paresh Jotangia
Working with our partner organisation that deals with visual disability, Paresh was no stranger to his role as a trainer, having worked in the UK for Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB). Our first visually impaired volunteer, Paresh proved that disability is indeed not inability.

Rajesh Kishan
Rajesh worked as a mentor and employment advisor for slum youth in Ahmedabad. Read about what he learnt and imparted, and what he has taken away from the experience