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Video Gallery

Be part of Paropkaar

Hear the story of Paropkaar volunteer Aarti and her amazing experience volunteering in Bhuj. NB: This video is audio only.

Change Fashion, Change the Future

A video launching the Naitika (ethical fashion) project. Young people from London and East Midlands were exposed to issues around 'fast fashion' - the ever changing face of fashion that has led to overwhelming demand, which cannot be met. As a result, garment workers in Asia have to work for long hours in decrepit conditions. Young people were given a chance to express themselves through drama or recycling clothes.

Our path to survival

This is a positive story of survival and self-empowerment. Four women from the Indian state of Gujarat tell us how they came out of extreme situations of mental and physical abuse from their husbands and families. These women’s path to survival has been nurtured by AFP's partner organization AWAG, founded by Ilaben Pathak in Ahmedabad, which has been working tirelessly for the empowerment of women and for a change in the patriarchal policies of Gujarat. Film by AFP volunteers Anna Colom and Blossom Carrasco

Dine in the Dark

A look into the world of the visually impaired, as experienced by sighted people. Hear the story of our returned volunteer Paresh Jotangia (who is visually impaired), and his guide Hiren Maroo. Video by Blossom Carrasco, with support from DFID and VSO

International Blind Cricket League

Video from our partner organisation SCORE promoting blind cricket. The IBCL will be a monumental chapter in the history of cricket proving that visual impairment doesn't keep the true athlete away from the pitch.

Embroidery on a saree

A brief video taken by our returned volunteer Hiren Maroo, looking at the process of saree making and the conditions it is done under. This video has no commentary

The guilty garment

Part of our Jagruti events, this talk highlighted the plight of the women working for garment factories in Bangladesh, which includes long working hours with no breaks. A portion of this story is in Bengali.