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Sudarshan means ‘leading by example’. We engage with small to medium sized Asian owned businesses across the UK that are working with India. We encourage them to see the positive impact they can have on local communities in their vicinities in India. We aim to make them ‘lead by example’ and let them think beyond monetary profits, considering the social profits as well.
The important point is that it does not take a lot for a business to be responsible, and the benefits to the business last a long time.

We define a Responsible Business through our ‘3A’ model/approach:

Awareness which leads to Action, which results in Achievement.

For many of the businesses that have chosen to work with Sudarshan, the need to want to make a difference was already present. When AFP started working with Prashant Shah of Oxygen Healthcare he was aware that the community in India where his work was based was deprived, so he decided to take action . To that end, he managed to achieve a major accomplishment in his business, with his staff now donating time and skills to community work.

‘We take the work we do in the community as seriously as our client focused work. The first step is to establish a personal connection, the second step is to ensure we add value to their lives deploying our skills in an effective manner’. Prashant Shah

So what does a responsible business do?

From Prashant’s story we can see that a responsible business …

  • Supports the local environment
  • Is mindful of the community in which it works in to maximize on its impact
  • Treats staff well and provides a safe working environment

Inspired by Prashant’s story? Want to know more and find out how you can do the same for your business? Get in touch at

This leads to improved good will and brand value, making businesses a lot more sustainable
So, what will your business gain from being part of our Sudarshan Programme?:

  • Free mentoring and training

  • One to One sessions

  • Business networking events

  • Training and workshops

  • Be profiled in our newsletters, e-bulletins and at our Sudarshan Awards Ceremony

The Sudarshan project, an offshoot of the Jagruti programme (development awareness) was launched in November 2008 and is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID).