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Samuha is a NGO working in North Karnataka. Samuha in Sanskrit means an organized group or society. The term reflects the organisation’s belief that development is best achieved when undertaken through group processes. The main focus of Samuha is to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people within defined periods of time.
How was the project started?
The project was started in 1986 by Mr. T. Pradeep. A social worker by profession, Mr Pradeep used the invaluable experience he had gained while working with Action Aid to set-up Samuha. Over 22 years Samuha’s operations have grown from working in 24 villages in the Raichur district, to working in 6 different districts in North Karnataka.  They have expanded from working mainly with children, to running a range of integrated programmes which aim to empower disadvantaged people.     
What does the project do?
Samuha works with various vulnerable groups of people.  These include children, women, people with disabilities, people living with HIV / Aids and people in slums. 
Samuha’s core programmes are micro credit, sustainable agriculture and watershed development. There is a common thread running through the three units:  the commitment to community ownership of development initiatives which lead to a higher level of productivity and well being.
Samuha currently works with over 36,000 families in 366 villages in North Karnataka. Around 1100 disabled adults and children receive support from the organization.  Over 9000 people living with HIV Aids are registered with Continuim Care Services - a resource provided by Samuha.