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Saath’s mission is to make “human settlements” (slum areas) equitable living environments where all vulnerable people have access to health, education and employment options irrespective of their economic and social status.
Saath has been working in the urban slum areas since 1989. Following the earthquake in 2001 Saath has been active in the Khadir and Rapar regions of Kutch – the focus is better utilization and management of natural resources. Post riots in 2002 Saath turned its attention addressing the issue of conflict resolution.
Providing Employment Opportunities to Slum Youth
This programme aims to train underprivileged youth to enable them to gain sustainable employment opportunities in the service sector. Professional training addresses the issues of unemployment, lower incomes and exploitative markets amongst slum communities.
Road shows will be conducted by the project team, in various slum areas of Ahmedabad to raise young people’s awareness about the employment training programme and motivate them to participate. The road shows serve as a forum to explain and discuss the programme with the slum residents and also answer their apprehensions and queries.
Parallel to this process, professionals will be selected to train the youth in varied fields such as Information Technology, Logistics, Customer Relation Services, Bed side Patient Assistance, Hospitality and White Goods Services as well as working on their Personality Development Skills and Spoken English Skills. The three month courses are interactive and participation-based, including components such as understanding the corporate sector and work experience with a potential employer.
The project plans to train 2000 students in eight batches and now requires financial assistance for the next batch of 100 students.