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Ahmedabad Women’s Action Group (AWAG)

Mrs Ilaben Pathak’s pioneering approach and tireless dedication to the cause of the exploitation of women has made AWAG an effective mechanism for social change amongst the most marginalized communities in Gujarat. AWAG has been working with slum communities since 1983 in Ahmedabad and the rural areas of Kutch and Patan.
AWAG works as a catalyst between the community and the government and plays a critical role in advocacy and policy issues concerning women and children. The charity champions of women’s rights, including raising women’s awareness to their individuality, their right to their body and social justice. The charity provides training and legal advice for those who counsel women in distress. AWAG has also sensitised the police force of Gujarat to women's issues, to begin registering complaints of domestic violence, leading to a reduced cases of suicide.
Extention to Womens Shelter
The charity’s ‘AWAG Ghar’ is a shelter allows women suffering mental stress or physical exhaustion to escape their immediate surroundings. The shelter also offers counselling srvices and a place to share their experiences and gain support. The aim is for women maintain contact with their community and to support the process of reconciliation, legal redress and building a livelihood.
AWAG now wishes to extend the shelter on the upper floor of its building to house the Short Stay Home, providing lodging and boarding facilities as well as an office, counsellor's room, legal counsellor's office, a general store room and a hall for recreation.