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Our values

AFP’s vision

To inspire social change.

We do this through engaging the population to work towards alleviating poverty and inequality, with a focus on India

AFP’s mission

To help facilitate a broad movement of engagement with grassroots development in India amongst the British Asian community.

We want to ensure that AFP plays an important role in India’s progress in the future. We align all our work to the Millennium Development Goals and support India in achieving them.

AFP’s Values

Our values are determined by our need to CHANGE the world for the better.

Community driven

AFP doesn’t work in isolation, it believes that for long lasting positive change, people need to work collectively as a global community. We work with partner organisations in India, many of which are community owned and led, and with the British Asian community.


All of AFP’s work is done in a holistic way, as we understand that only with a collective, all encompassing approach can true change be achieved.

Accountability and Transparency

AFP undertakes all its projects in an honest, transparent and accountable manner, as we believe that without this, we cannot achieve our vision. This is extended to our partner organisations, who are selected after a rigorous due diligence process which ensure they are aligned with our values.

Non partisan, non political

AFP strives to work in a non partisan, non political and non religious environment as we believe every individual is part of a global community.

Grassroots Led Development

By working directly at the grassroots level with communities, we ensure that the poorest people can improve their lives, livelihoods, and have a stronger voice in decisions that affect them. They are run by inspirational local people and therefore they understand the challenges that the communities face better than any external party.

Empowerment, Engagement and Education

We firmly believe that until people are empowered, engaged and educated, there cannot be positive social change. Hence all our UK based activities follow this model.