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Where do you buy your clothes from?
Do you know what goes into making the clothes you wear and what happens to your clothes once you stop wearing them?

Naitika (which translate to ‘ethical’ in Hindi) is a new project that expands our Jagruti programme. Visit our Naitika microsite here.

Did you know that a garment worker in India will earn

• 10pence for an item of clothing costing £20 in the UK
• About £24 a month, taking the cost of living into account, this is the same as earning £125 in the UK

Find out more in our Naitika blog

There is a growing need to live sustainably and we want young Asians to understand how the clothes they buy can negatively affect the world around them and what they can do to reduce this negative impact.

A 2008 report by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) highlights

• the price of clothing has dropped 36% over the last decade,
• since 1997 the number of items bought by an average woman has almost doubled
• in 2005, 1.2million tons of clothing ended up in landfill in the UK.

Through this project we will work closely with Asian youth groups providing
high quality training: covering debates on the global fashion industry, planning an awareness raising project with your youth group, how to engage your community, working with the media and monitoring the success of your project ongoing expert advice and support small grants for activities

If you are part of a Asian youth group which is interested in getting involved in the Naitika project contact