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Jagruti Events

Jagruti’s events emphasises how each of us can make a positive effective contribution in working towards making social change happen, and as thus promote the role of Global Citizenship.

Our Jagruti Events receive strong positive feedback and have resulted in a genuine change in attitude towards development. Our events range from hosting talks with less than 30 people to photo exhibitions and conferences which have attracted over one hundred (100) people. Each is themed around a particular development area. These attract expert speakers such as directors from our partner organisations, representatives from the field and our returned volunteers.


Art and Sustainable Development on 9th of July 2009

Building on the experience of our India returned volunteer Mythili, we explore her role in empowering and educating girls using Mandalas (artistic patterns that link the individual to the world) from deprived communities in Uttar Pradesh.

Read the write up here

Calling Business Professionals, Individuals and Families
18th and 19th June 2009, Leicester

All businesses in these hard times are trying to survive. Drawing on ancient philosophies of businesses, Jaya Row talked about the inherent balance between Profit and Values, and offered a deeper understanding of management.

Click here to read the write up of the event.

Come ‘DINE IN THE DARK’ with us on June 22nd 2009.

A highly successful event, Dine in the Dark gave attendees a chance to experience life from the perspective of the visually impaired. This involved eating in a pitch black restaurant, and personally experiencing what visually impaired and blind people have to go through. Read the story here .

Challenging the perceptions of India’s Slum youth
Wednesday 11th of March 2009 from 6.30 pm to 8 pm

The slum population of Ahmedabad surpasses 1 million people, making up 4100 slums. Rural to urban and urban/urban migration has exacerbated the situation, leaving a majority of the population in poverty.
However, there has been a change movement taking place at grass roots level. It is at one of these organizations that Rajesh Kishan spent his time as an employment advisor and mentor for the slum youth of Gujarat.

The event was held at Development House, Old Street. Read about Rajesh’s journey here.