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Nishant's volunteering experience for the Dalit Foundation

Volunteering activity: Researcher and photographer
Organisation: The Dalit Foundation, Saharanpur
Why did you decide to volunteer in India?
I wanted to have a positive social impact – I’ve visited India many times and it has shaped my life, and I wanted to give something back.
Could you describe the organisation which you volunteered for?
I volunteered for the Dalit Foundation. The Dalit Foundation helps eliminate caste discrimination in India by providing fellowships and support to a number of grassroots organisations in UP, Bihar and Tamil Nadu.
What was your role and what activities were you involved in?
I was working as a photographer and researcher. My assignment was to document the caste oppression that Dalits in UP and Bihar face, and the activities that the grassroots organisations funded by the Dalit foundation are undertaking to counter this oppression.
List qualifications or skills areas required to fulfil your role successfully?
-Photography (photojournalistic documentation experience)
-Relationship building/personal communication.
-Fluent Hindi
Please detail three ways in which you feel that your host charity and / or its beneficiaries gained from your work:
-Fulfilled and exceeded their objective of generating a library of publicity material for the Dalit Foundation.
-Gained a huge amount of auxiliary information about the grassroots movements I visited.
-Generated renewed enthusiasm and motivation for the Dalit cause.