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Support for Parents

AFP recognises and understands that it can be a daunting fact having a member of the family going to live and work in India for an extended period of time. We therefore provide information to support and reassure parents about their child’s whereabouts.
What does AFP provide?
Pre-departure training and In-country training
British Asians, despite their Indian roots, may never have lived, worked or indeed visited India before. For this reason we place considerable importance on ensuring that they are both mentally and physically prepared for the change in lifestyle before they arrive at their placement.
We establish good support networks for our volunteers and bring them together through the 1 day pre-departure training in the London office and 2 day in-country training.  Additionally, our in-country representative is always available for volunteers to contact, at any time!
Volunteer Handbook
The Volunteer Guidebook is an important part of the pre-departure training, and serves as a useful guide even once on placement.  Should you wish to see a copy, please contact us.
Important contact information
Important contact details of the accommodation, host organisation in India are provided before departure. You will also be given AFP staff contacts in both the UK and India and also VSO India contact details in case of an emergency.
Please note that AFP staff do encourage volunteers to share as much information as possible with friends and family.  Should parents have any additional queries, questions or concerns they should feel free to contact AFP.