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Who are we?

Asian Foundation for Philanthropy (AFP) is a UK-based charity established in November 2004 to support

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British Asians Diaspora who want to make a difference to social and economic development in India. We use our extensive networks in both the UK and India to provide means for both individuals and businesses who wish to contribute towards social change in India.

What do we do?

AFP focuses on identifying projects and organisations which seek to empower local people and encourage them to see creative solutions which will be sustainable and contribute to development over the long term. Currently we work with 14 carefully selected Partner Organisations in India. You can read more about our due diligence process and why we believe it is important to select the right charities.

We enable the British Asian community to be able to make a positive contribution through our three Programmes:
Paropkaar (International Volunteering) Programme
Daan (Donor) Programme
Jagruti (Development Awareness) Programme

Where do we work?

In India our Partner Organisations are based in Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.

In the UK we have many events and opportunities that you can participate in.
See the News & Events page for information on events we will be hosting in the near future.

Who do we work with?

Our Partner Organisations in India are in a remarkable position to provide opportunities to marginalised communities and disadvantaged people. This is because they are embedded within the communities that they are working to empower. The charities are run by local people and therefore they understand the challenges that the communities face better than anyone.

As these charities are so 'local' in nature, they often find it difficult to attract the international support that they need. AFP is building a partnership between the British Asian community and grassroots charities in India in order to help address this.

We hope that our programmes will help unlock the huge potential which exists in the British Asian community to promote social and economic development in India.

AFP is registered as a charity with Charity Commission - Registration Number 1110180.
AFP is a registered Company Limited by guarantee number 5428988.