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My wife and I were introduced to AFP through a friend. We were so impressed with AFP’s determination to provide a high level of support to people like us, who want to help those less fortunate.  Through AFP we will be forming our own foundation to help the children affected in India by 2004's Tsunami.
Mahesh Nandha, Metropolitan Police Service. 

Volunteering with AFP was one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of my life. The outcome of the work I was doing was very real and tangible, and I was extremely inspired by the passion and determination of the NGOs that they sent me to in India.
AFP helped me find exactly the kind of volunteer work I was after, and arranged my itinerary from start to finish. My time as a volunteer was considered extremely valuable, and I was briefed very well - in short, they worked to a standard of professionalism that is very rare in the charity sector.
The UK has been waiting for AFP for a very long time. Finally, an organisation that will take advantage of the huge untapped potential of conscientious Indians in this country. 
Nishant Lalwani, Associate Consultant, Marakon Associates. 

AFP definitely holds the key to unlock pathways that will lead the South Asian Diaspora towards a better understanding of development and social issues in the region and spur charitable giving and volunteering for South Asian causes.
Kusum Joshi, Sub-Editor, South Asian Cinema Foundation (SACF) Journal.

AFP is beneficial as it gives the donor a choice on how to give e.g. tax-effective donations, setting up a trust or volunteer placements.  AFP brings 'awareness' to British Asians on the ways one can give.
I would want to get involved because as a British Asian I feel compassionate about the World we live in.  I am tired of hearing the words 'Oh but my donation does not reach the poor, it’s swallowed up by governments, agencies etc.'
Organisations such as AFP can ensure that won’t be the case. 
Vina Bhogal, Merrill Lynch.

As a non-resident Indian I would like to see people in South Asia, particularly those not very well off, benefit from my contribution – be it time or money.  AFP will do the research to identify the right charity to maximise your efforts. 
Kanti Nagda, Director, Sangat Community Centre.

Organisations like AFP give people the opportunity to be part of something important that will really make a difference in other people’s lives.
Not only can volunteers help others in South Asia, but they can then return and speak of their experience - thereby spreading awareness of situations around the World.
Nirisha Saujani, Undergraduate Student, Aston University. 
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