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The question asked was, 'Who wants to be a doctor when they grow up?'
Grassroots development
In India, there are many small charities which exist at the grassroots level. They are deeply embedded in the local communities that they seek to empower and they offer huge potential to improve the lives of people in marginalised groups. While they have the ideas and capacity to solve problems, they often lack the necessary funds to run programmes and achieve their potential impact.
AFP seeks to support such charities and to enable British Asians to participate in this development. Through carrying out comprehensive due diligence, AFP ensures that the organisations that we support are genuine and the donating funds are channelled into programmes supporting local people and communities.
AFP believe in developing sustainable relationships between the donor and beneficiaries. We provide up-to-date information on the projects that your funds have contributed to.

AFP Donor Programme
You can now make your contribution to our Donor Fund to support grassroots charities addressing the development issues of Education, Livelihoods, Health and Disability. Please request for our Donor Form to make a donation and see details about our Partner Charities in India.

Making your donation go further
If you are a UK taxpayer, your donation can be made using Gift Aid. For every £1 that you give to a charity, AFP can reclaim an additional 28p from the Inland Revenue. For example, a donation of £10 would become worth £12.80. AFP will ensure that your donations are made in a tax-effective way and therefore fully benefit from this.

What are the different ways of giving?
AFP offers a number of ways to donate to our selected charities in India. 
Online - Go to Give Now to make a donation using your credit card, or set up a direct debit to donate regularly
One-off donations - If you would like to make a single donation to a grassroots charity in South Asia, AFP's selected charities are in need of your support. Just request for our Donor form through our enquiry form and return it to us with a cheque or postal order for the amount that you wish to contribute. If you wish to set up a standing order for regular donations, please also request a standing order form.  
Long Term donations – If you would like to know more about our selection of charities before you donate or you would like to suggest a charity that AFP may be interested to support, please request for our Donor Profile Form. 
AFP can also help you to set-up a trust fund if you wish to give over a long-term period. The regular income which trust funds provide to charities helps them survive and plan future initiatives. Once we have recieved your Donor Profile Form, we will be in contact with you with more information and advice.
Tailor-made giving - We are also able to perform feasibility studies for people who are interested in starting a new project, such as opening a school or a health facility.  The study will involve a cost / benefit analysis of the project and also examine potential alternatives. Contact to discuss the possibilities.

How does AFP ensure donations are used effectively? 
All our charities are subject to our rigorous selection process. Once contributions are collected in our Donor Fund, our Grants Advisory Committee ensure that the donations will be used to thier greatest effectiveness.
We also ensure that the charities remain accountable after the donation is made. Once your funds have been used, AFP will provide you with a report describing the work which your funding made possible. 

What are our fees?
AFP is a charity and therefore does not make any profit. AFP retain 5% of your donation to cover our costs in order to sustain ourselves. We strive to run AFP as efficiently as we can and ensure that our fees are kept as low as possible. 
If you require any further support from AFP towards your donation, we will charge additional costs accordingly. We will give you full details of our fees for a project, before you commit to working with us.  We are committed to being transparent about the way that we run and our cost structure.