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Rural education workshop - Saharanpur
The question asked was, 'Who wants to be a doctor when they grow up?'
Donating through AFP
AFP has the skills, research expertise and network to maximize the effectiveness of your donation to the voluntary sector in India.  After speaking to you about your philanthropic goals, AFP identifies charities which would use your funds to make a genuine difference to the cause which you are concerned about. 

Women's Self Help Group - Jehenabad
Grassroots development
People are often hesitant to give to charities in India because it is difficult to be certain that their donations are being used in an effective way.  For this reason many British Indians feel that the only option is to donate to large, international charities.   
However, many small, locally-based charities exist on the ground in India.  As they are embedded in the communities which they are working to empower, they have huge potential to improve people’s lives.  While they have the ideas and capacity to solve problems, they often lack the necessary funds to run programmes and achieve their potential impact.
AFP helps you to get in contact with such charities.  We help you to support remarkable people, whose organizations can bring about remarkable change.

Kids holding coin - Kanpur
Making your donation go further
If donations are made using Gift Aid, for every £1 you give to a charity, the Inland Revenue will provide an additional 28 pence.  For example, a donation of £10 would become worth £12.80.  AFP will ensure that your donations are made in a tax-effective way and therefore fully benefit from this.

Street theatre - Kanpur
What are the different ways of giving?
There are a number of different ways which you can give to charities in South Asia.  AFP can help you identify which is best for you. 
One-off donations - If you would like to make a single donation to a grassroots charity in South Asia, AFP can identify an organisation which will use your contribution in an effective way. 
AFP’s database – We have built-up a database of charities of in India that have already made it through our selection process.  We are now hoping to find donors to support them.  You could donate to one of these organisations. 
Trust funds – If you would prefer to give over a long-term period, AFP can help you to set-up a trust fund.  The regular income which trust funds provide to charities helps them survive and plan future initiatives.  AFP can ensure that your fund operates in a tax-effective way.
Tailor-made giving - We are also able to perform feasibility studies for people who are interested in starting a new project, such as opening a school or a health facility.  The study will involve a cost / benefit analysis of the project and also examine potential alternatives.

Bullock cart - Saharanpur
How does AFP ensure donations are used effectively? 
Before we recommend any particular charity to you, it must pass through our rigorous selection process. 
We also ensure that the charities remain accountable after the donation is made.  After an appropriate time period, we will provide you with a report describing the work which your funding made possible. 

Rikshaw driver and his family - Kanpur
What are our fees?
AFP is a charity and therefore makes no profit whatsoever.  However, we do need to charge for our services in order to sustain ourselves.  We strive to run AFP as efficiently as we can, in order to ensure that our fees are kept as low as possible. 
We will give you full details of our fees for a project, before you commit to working with us.  We are totally transparent about the way that AFP is run and our cost structure. 

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