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How can I be useful, of what service can I be?  There's something inside me, what can it be?
- Vincent van Gough
What do we do?
The Asian Foundation for Philanthropy is a UK-based charity which helps British Asians who want to make a difference to social and economic development in India.  We do this by using our network and research expertise to advise you on which charities you can donate to in order to be most effective. 

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Volunteering and Fundrasing
We also organise volunteer placements for people who are interested in making a difference through their skills and experience. 
We can also provide you with support if you are interested in holding a fundraising event for a charity in India.

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The British Asian Community
The British Asian community is thriving.  While making up just 2.5 % of the British population, the community accounts for 10 per cent of its economic output.  Having achieved great financial success, philanthropy creates the possibility of new successes in improving people’s standard of living in South Asia. 

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A Culture of Social Service  
There is a vibrant culture of social service amongst the British Asian community.  Some are guided by the emphasis on sharing in Indian religions.  Many people like to donate to charity or volunteer at certain times of the year, on special religious and cultural occasions.  Others are inspired by family traditions of giving.  And for many British Asians, a commitment to social service stems from a passion for building more just and strong communities. 

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Barriers to Giving
However, philanthropy to Indian charities remains low.  There are various legislative and bureaucratic regulations involved in the process.  In addition, it is often impossible to sort out insincere organizations from the ones which are able to make a genuine difference with the necessary funds.

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How can AFP help?
AFP was set-up to help British Asians overcome these barriers.  Our services help unlock the community’s potential to make a huge contribution to grassroots development in India.
We are committed to ensuring that every penny given by a donor is used to empower disadvantaged people in India.  We are passionate about working to address root causes of poverty in India.  We help channel resources to organizations which strive to expand people’s long-term social and economic prospects. 

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