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Gyaan Yatra

Gyaan Yatra (which means knowledge journey in Sanskrit) is a new project that aims to support individuals, known as Development Ambassadors, to become leaders in awareness raising of development issues with communities across the UK.

Through its new site, Gyaan Yatra is also a forum where people can discuss, debate and learn about the root causes of poverty. We use the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as a framework to discuss issues ranging from education and child mortality to aid and trade. All the issues are looked at in a global context but with a particular focus on India.

How can YOU get involved?

We want people from all backgrounds and professions, whether you are an AFP supporter or new to social development. Come along and participate in Gyaan Yatra in the following ways:

1) Become a Development Ambassador and be an Agent for Change
We run a year-long bespoke leadership training programme for individuals who are passionate, motivated and committed to learning and sharing their thoughts on social development. The trainings are run throughout the year and cover a range of topics. What makes this training different is that it also focuses on empowering the Development Ambassadors to become leaders in their communities. Through strengthening and developing key skills such as presentation skills, written skills, networking and negotiation, these Development Ambassadors will implement this learning by putting on their own events and mobilising others to take action.

We use a range of tools and techniques to do this, with all our trainings focusing on interactive and participatory methods including group work and roleplay. We also invite external speakers to lead sessions and as always we provide the food necessary to feed the mind!

Our current cycle of Development Ambassadors include a teacher, a dentist, a HR advisor and a student to name a few. With their various backgrounds and experiences, the Development Ambassadors enrich the programme with their own skills and knowledge.

“ I definitely feel like my role as a Development Ambassador has had an impact on my life, even though it’s only been three months. It’s been a great opportunity to meet like-minded folk and providing a breeding ground for synergy and new ideas.”

To find out how you can be a DA here

2) Be part of our online community
Our new Gyaan Yatra site will be the place to discuss and debate the latest news and events relating to development across the world. It will be a hub for information where you can comment and share your own knowledge and experiences about poverty and social development. Our partners in India will share their work on this new site so it will be a great opportunity to learn about grassroots development in India. Watch this space to find out about the launch of the site!

If you are interested in getting involved, please email