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The feedback from the audience suggested that more events such as these were needed.

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India has steadily been establishing itself as a world economic power, with a national average growth rate in the past decade of 9% (WDI, 2007). However, despite this strong economic growth, India’s needs are far surpassing what she can provide. As the population increases, more than a third of India’s population of 1.1 billion live below the poverty line, comprising a massive one third of the world’s poor.

AFP aims to reduce India’s poverty by contributing to the economic and social development of the country. We do this by engaging the Asian population that lives outside of India i.e.

Asian Foundation for Philanthropy (AFP) was established as a registered charity in 2005 to provide a channel for the South Asian Diaspora Group (SADG), predominantly Indians, to better engage with development initiatives in India. Many seek to engage in charitable acts either though donating money or time to marginalised communities in India, however the benefits of their contributions have not been sustained over the long run.

Indians number 1.6 million (UK National Census) in the UK, and this is one of the largest population of Indians outside of India.