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Mahesh and Kam Nandha’s Trust Fund

Why did you decide to set-up a trust fund?
In India about 30,000 people were killed and many children orphaned.  My wife and I visited the affected areas of Tamil Nadu in February 2004 and saw the devastation first hand. 
What were the main problems? 
Fishing families were worst affected and many had lost their livelihoods.  For many, this was a result of loosing their boats, and others were simply too scared to go back out to sea.  Due to the imbalance of the ocean floor caused by the tsunami, the fishermen brave enough to go back out to sea are returning with tiny catches.
The orphaned children, although resilient, will need long term care.  This will need to include counseling and education, so that they can rebuild their lives. 
What will the fund to do? 
Through our foundation we will work with AFP to identify children that can be directly sponsored by the foundation. The sponsorship will ensure that all their education and other needs are catered for until at least the age of 18.

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